Costs of Recruitment Software

If you have purchased software for your business before, you might notice that most software companies, regardless of their functions, charge per user.  The same goes with recruiting software.  ASPs will also charge a monthly fee that will vary from provider to provider.

Most ASP providers charge a per user fee, which averages $500-$1,500.  Other start up costs will include support, upgrades and bug fixes—which usually range from $999 to $2,500+.

In-house options are much more expensive, mainly because you have to actually purchase the software.  The silver lining to this cost is you won’t have to pay per user, which could add up if you are a larger corporation.  Expect to find in-house software around $15-$35,000+.  Server license fees are usually $1,000 and can even run up to over $4,000.

Cloud computing has a different pay scale all together.  You can find software solutions ranging from free to over $1,000 depending on the features you are looking for.

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