In-house Recruitment Software

In-house options have good and bad points. The good is you never lose access to your software, and you will save in monthly fees that an ASP would be charging you.  The bad is the extra cost of license purchasing as well as, extra server space and IT support depending on the amount of software you purchase. 

Common features are outlined in the chart below.


Software option that allows you to promote all jobs available at your company. 
Customized Emails
Similar to email marketing, this option can allow you to set up an auto-response to applicants to let them know you received their resume.
Allows you to schedule phone calls, interviews and everything in between for the recruiting process.
Generating reports that tell you which applicant is the best for the open position. In some cases these reports can calculate the ROI the candidate will return to your company.
Searching Capabilities
When your data base starts to get full of applicants having a search feature is very useful. Some recruitingsoftware companies allow you to search by keywords and email attachment for specific candidates.
This feature will connect the details of the job description with the applicants for you. Cutting down on the time it would take to do manually.



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