Tips for Purchasing Recruitment Software

Free Trials
Many recruitment software companies will allow you to test the software before purchasing.  This is a great feature, and you should ask any potential vendors if they allow you to do this. 

Multiple User Discount
Inquire about multiple user discounts.  If you have a large number of users that need to access the software, this could save you a lot of money.

Case Studies
Many recruitment software companies have case studies on how effective their software is for their customers.  Depending where you need to streamline your process, this can be a great way to find out how they can do this for your company.

If your company is growing, and you are projecting more growth make sure the software will be able to grow with you.  You don’t want to have to purchase more software a couple years down the road.

Ask if your potential vendor will be able to provide appropriate security for your software.  Any information stored on computers and/or the Internet is open to hackers.  If they don’t provide adequate security that is another expense you need to budget for.

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