Benefits of Restaurant POS Systems

As a restaurant owner you have two basic hardware choices to handle point of sale transactions. You can opt for a PC cash drawer (PCCD) or a more integrated purpose built restaurant POS system. Because of the economy, some business owners find themselves leaning towards a PCCD system with lower up front costs. However, this may not be most efficient business decision, according to the same IBM study, “While POS systems are more expensive to purchase, operational costs are such that within the first year of ownership, the total cost of PCCD passes that of POS. PCCD costs on average over 31% more than POS after five years of use.”
Depending on the type of restaurant business that you operate, you will be able to see operational and organizational benefits from restaurant POS systems.

Operational Benefits
A comprehensive restaurant POS solution gives management the ability to monitor and control every operational function of the business from a web portal. Whether it be encouraging staff to push the highest profit meals, or reporting on daily food supplies. POS systems help maximize the resources at hand, interfacing with other applications on the software to forecast budget, manage labor and report on finances.

Managing employees
Managing your wait staff can be easier through POS systems. The POS system assists managers in identifying the best employees for each job by reporting on average revenue per table and other key metrics. In addition, time and attendance systems are integrated to ensure employees are checking in and out of work. Reporting tools allow enterprise level progress updates on speed of service, food costs, and ROI generating activities.

Other Benefits Include:
• Managers often operate multiple restaurants, modify pricing, marketing, and manage staff surveillance remotely.
• The software can alert marketing to promote certain items on certain days depending on a variety of factors (seasonality, trends in food item sales, etc.).
• Systems can help minimize incorrect orders by providing step-by-step order entry guidance.
• Unless you have speedy gonzales as a waiter, most systems are quicker than humans at delivery orders to the kitchen for preparation.

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