Determining Your Restaurant Needs

In order to best gauge what POS system will work for your restaurant, it’s important to align the type of solution with what type of business you run.

Types of Restaurants
Depending if your restaurant is predominately fast food or table service determines how the POS system is used and ultimately what system you choose to purchase.

Quick service restaurants or any “order and go” restaurant places emphasis on POS efficiency. Businesses like deli’s, coffee shops, and bakeries require solutions that have a quick input interface. It may be unnecessary for these systems to include additional features such as seating chart layout and customer tracking. The main purposes of these POS systems are to reduce errors in the order process and wait times, identify marketing trends with the items ordered, and manage inventory. Make sure the interface has an order entry to payment time of less than 15 seconds. Typical features of a quick service restaurant POS are:
•    Quick pay buttons with basic menu information
•    Inventory information storage
•    Basic cash register capabilities

Full service restaurants require a more comprehensive POS package. Your point of sale system will likely include multiple terminals and extensive back end software. A full service restaurant must include processes for storing checks, information on each table, specific chain and fire commands and customer data tracking. A full service POS solution should optimize the efficiency of your wait staff and improve the overall dining experience for both customer and staff. Typical features of full service restaurant POS systems are:
•    Applications for easy re-orders
•    Check splitting
•    Employee time and attendance systems
•    Managerial reporting data
•    Marketing information systems (suggests up-sell and cross sell initiatives)

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