Restaurant POS System Hardware & Prices

With every restaurant POS purchase, there will be additional hardware to allow flexibility in your operations. Plan your budget around a base price of $3,000-$5,000 per terminal. For full service restaurants, one POS terminal will service anywhere from 30-50 seats. Additional features are often worth extra capital outlay; whether it is handheld wireless POS tablets or simple credit card readers, be prepared to equip your POS system with supplementary equipment.

Desktop- Typically the least expensive option. Desktop POS solutions may take up more space but they may be more compatible with non proprietary additional hardware.

Touch Screen- The ideal solution for many quick service restaurants. Touch screen computer/display systems are faster, take up less space and can integrate unique technologies for quick input. The screen and computer is one unit, which may take up more space in a workstation

Cash Drawer
The core element of any POS system for restaurants, cash drawers are connected to your computer system. Cash drawers can either be programmed as receipt driven or direct-connect. Receipt driven cash drawer open when a customer receipt is printed. Direct- connect cash drawers are the most common cash drawer solution where the POS software sends data over a USB port to open the cash drawer at each request.

Bar Code Scanner
This hardware is essential if your eatery has UPC or barcodes on merchandise. Quick service restaurants often invest in low cost, attached bar codes to scan items like chips, cookies and snacks.

Credit Card Reader
Most basic POS systems will include a credit card mag stripe reader. Be aware that additional credit card processing companies and merchant services are often needed to process the credit cards that your business accepts.

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