Restaurant POS System Terms

Auto gratuity A POS function that automatically calculates wait staff tip and adds it to the customer’s check.
Automatic Form Number
Reader (AFNR)

A scanner that identifies the order of checks for each customer, and provides the number to be processed in POS machine readable format.

Chain and Fire Commands
A set of programmed commands that allow POS software to ring up guests together, but issue checks separately.

Interface Script Language
ISL is the language that most POS software is based on, allowing customization of how the system operates.

Menu Engineering
The final product of strategic reporting from a POS system, to compose a mix of menu items that maximize profit and revenues.

POS Terminal
The point of sale, where transactions are carried out- the hardware that the POS software resides on.

The area within a restaurant where all transactions and time and attendance processes happen.

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