Buyer Guide to SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of implementing tactics and strategies that will increase your website’s position in organic search results. More complex, a “search engine friendly” website is one that has been built on elements appealing to the search engines including, but not limited to, quality content, generous and diverse external links, page rank, optimized on-page HTML code like title tags, meta descriptions, 301 redirects, real canonical, etc. and in the end, a site that is worthwhile to users.

Of course, the process itself isn’t as cut and dry as changing a few elements, and waiting for the search engines to notice. Most of the search engines, and most importantly Google (ranked first in search engine use in America with a 64% market share according to 2009 Nielsen ratings) use web crawlers to track potential growth in traffic, unique content, as well as a multitude of other factors to position page rankings.

In the same sense that paid advertisements always show up at the top of search engine queries, having your website and any services and products offered on it featured at the top of search engine results will essentially be organic advertising. Not only will your website be the first site users will find when searching, those users could turn into continued visits (depending on your site retention) and will keep your page at the top.

SEO is a way for businesses to promote their brand as well as increase exposure through online, industry specific content. Optimizing for search engines – the most direct way for consumers to find you online – is a growing practice for established businesses, as well as start-ups and entrepreneurs to meet the demands for instant access to information.

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