10 Things to Know about Choosing an SEO Company

When implemented correctly, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign can generate leads and sales for your website in a targeted, cost-effective manner. Here are ten things you need to know about SEO that will get you to the top of the search rankings in your area of choice.

1) Don't use images to display important copy

Displaying your text as a jpg, gif or other image may look fantastic, but it doesn't help you get results with search engines. Make sure your best text is just that - text!

2) Describe images using the ALT tag

If you want to get the search engines to pay attention to your images, then describe them using clear and concise copy in the ALT tag. This will point Google and Yahoo! towards your pictures AND your words.

3) Take advantage of the Title Bar!

The blue title bar at the top of your browser is one of the single most important places to put effective SEO copy. Use the Title Tag to describe your business in keyword terms that will resonate with the search engines (and potential customers).

4) Make every page unique

Don't make the title and headline tags the same on every page. By making the copy specific to each page, you will help searchers reach the pages that are most relevant to them.

5) Have an expert review your HTML code

The difference between success and failure in the world of SEO lies in the code that forms the basis of your site. Have an expert review your site for common HTML mistakes or hidden HTML opportunities.

6) Keep everything on the up and up

Once you get black-balled by one of the major search engines, it is very difficult to regain your good name. Avoid SEO providers who make outlandish promises and keep their methods in the dark.

7) Monitor your SEO program

Keep a close watch on how you're performing with the major search engines. If something isn't working to your satisfaction, get in there and start making adjustments to the HTML code and the copy.

8) Increase your relevance with press releases

Writing great press releases and submitting them to online PR distribution services is cheap and a very effective way to boost your search standings.

9) Write great copy and content

Great site content that features crucial keywords is still the best way to build your status with Google and Yahoo! Write well and the results will follow.

10) Show some patience

It takes time to see results from your SEO implementation. Keep a watchful eye on the results, but give things a month or two to take hold before making any changes to the program.


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