SEO Terms

Here are some of the more standard SEO and online marketing terms that you will come across during your research.




SEO: Search engine optimization 

The art and science of publishing information and marketing in a manner that helps search engines to determine if your site is relevant to search queries.

SEO Copywriting

Writing and formatting copy in a way that will help make the documents appear relevant to a wide array of relevant search queries.


Search engines also like to outsource their relevancy issues by calling low quality search results spam. Also junk mail.

Landing Page

The page on which a visitor arrives after clicking on a link or advertisement.


A citation from one web document to another web document or another position in the same document.

Most major search engines consider links as a vote of trust.

Link Baiting

The art of targeting, creating, and formatting information that provokes the target audience to point high quality links at your site. Many link baiting techniques are targeted at social media and bloggers.

Link Building

The process of building high quality linkage data that search engines will evaluate to trust your website is authoritative, relevant, and trustworthy.

Page Rank

A logarithmic scale based on link equity which estimates the importance of web documents.

Since Page Rank is widely bartered, Google's relevancy algorithms had to move away from relying on Page Rank and place more emphasis on trusted links via algorithms such as Trust.


The world's leading search engine in terms of reach. Google pioneered search by analyzing linkage data via Page Rank.

Home Page

The main page on your website, which is largely responsible for helping develop your brand and setting up the navigational schemes that will be used to help users and search engines navigate your website.

Spider (Web Crawler)

Search engine crawlers which search or "spider" the web for pages to include in the index.

Google Bot

Google's search engine spider.

Google has a shared crawl cache between their various spiders, including vertical search spiders and spiders associated with ad targeting.

Fresh Content

Content which is dynamic in nature and gives people a reason to keep paying attention to your website.
Many SEOs talk up fresh content, but fresh content does not generally mean re-editing old content. It more often refers to creating new content.

Dynamic Content

Content which changes over time or uses a dynamic language (such as PHP) to help render the page.

In the past search engines were less aggressive at indexing dynamic content than they currently are.

Editorial Link

Search engines count links as votes of quality. They primarily want to count editorial links that were earned over links that were bought or bartered.

Using an algorithm similar to TrustRank, some search engines may place more trust on well known sites with strong editorial guidelines.


Attribute used to prevent a link from passing link authority. Commonly used on sites with user generated content, like in blog comments, to prevent spam and random links.


Some social networks or search systems may take site age, page age, user account age, and related historical data into account when determining how much to trust that person, website, or document.


Software which allows you to track your page views, user paths, and conversion statistics based upon interpreting your log files or through including a JavaScript tracking code on your site.

Meta Description

The meta description tag is typically a sentence or two of content which describes the content of the page.

Trust Rank

Search relevancy algorithm which places additional weighting on links from trusted websites (seeds) that are controlled by major corporations, educational institutions, or governmental institutions.

Keyword Research

The process of discovering relevant keywords and keyword phrases to focus your SEO and online marketing campaigns.

Search Engine

A tool or device used to find relevant information. Search engines consist of a spider, index, relevancy algorithms and search results.

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