Buyers Tips for Steel Buildings

Constructing steel buildings are an investment, so you shouldn’t skimp costs on design and material. However, you can get the best possible deal by leveraging multiple bids against each other to find the best deal.  Suppliers should have similar pricing, so if one offer is significantly lower make sure that it includes every service that your project will require. Low bids may not include everything that other bids do.

When looking over the contracts, read closely and keep an eye out for substitution clauses that allow manufacturers to use other materials if those specified aren’t available. Companies often try to use cheaper materials to save themselves money, so make sure that any substitution clause states the replacement materials must be of “equal or lesser value” or be approved by you. You should also make sure that the contract is as specific as possible. It should not just list a 15x15 garage door; the price can vary depending on what is used. The contract should specify the brand name and model number of what is going to be used.

Before making a final decison, check the distributor and company references in the indutry and search their name on Google or other search engines. If a company has a negative reputation, you’ll most likely come across it in the search results. 

Once you make a purchase, often residential steel building suppliers requires you put down a deposit as soon as possible. After you put down a deposit and begin work the supplier will either deliver the building through a third party already assembled or constructed by a professional construction crew at the site. Smaller structures like barns and garages generally can be shipped, but a large project is going to require assembly by a licensed crew to ensure that it meets all requirements.

Your supplier can help you to find a crew, as many steel building suppliers have partnerships with steel building erector companies. Erectors have very busy schedules, so schedule an appointment in advance. Once the construction date is set, your supplier will be able to schedule delivery.


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