Erecting Your Steel Building

The final phase of the project will be putting together your steel building. You will need to schedule an erector crew in advance of the delivery of your steel building and typically, you’ll sign a contract that specifies the services. Be sure this document includes everything that you will need from the erector before you sign it.

An erector company only works on the assembly of steel buildings and is responsible for providing all of the necessary tools and manpower needed to erect the structure. Because the building doesn’t have any electrical power yet, they must also provide their own electricity for their tools and are responsible for all insulation and insulation accessories for the roof and walls. Finishing work has to be done by someone else. This includes installing plumbing, electrical work, painting, trim work, or any other service that you need provided.

It’s your job to ensure that a proper survey of the site is conducted so provide the erector access to the construction site, including the ability to bring in any tools or construction vehicles and equipment. You have to provide a foundation that fits specifications, and make sure the anchor bolts for the building are at the right setting.

The contract will stipulate that the bid is based on the assumption of a forty-hour work week. If you fail to meet any of your responsibilities on the site and construction is delayed as a result, your company will be responsible for paying overtime wages to the erector. This can be costly so make sure everything is set on your end prior to the delivery date and start date for construction.

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