Steel Buildings Legal Requirements

Written By: Resource Nation

Building designs must meet all legal restrictions, which differ from state to state and county to county. Get in touch with the local building code authority for your project first and let them know the location of the building, it’s basic size and height, and the building’s function. Regulations will vary, but typically you will have to provide authorities with stamped engineering drawings, letters of structural assurance, and building schedules for your project. You will also need to ask them about builder licensing requirements for when you are choosing an erector to put the building together.

Depending on the location, steel buildings can be required to be able to withstand certain wind speeds and other factors created by local weather. If you plan to build  commercial steel buildings, such as a school or church,you will have to meet all requirements in regards to safety. This can include having multiple exits in the event of evacuation, and wheelchair access for the disabled. For residential steel buildings, these don't apply but you will still have to do some research.

Each location has a different set of zoning laws and other restrictions on construction taking place, including environmental standards. You’ll need to do thorough research on these factors and determine how they affect your construction project. Steel building suppliers may help you do some of this research, and typically won’t send a structure that doesn’t meet local requirements. However, it is your company that is ultimately responsible for any violations so it is in your best interest to do your research or consult experts on these matters.

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