Options for Time and Attendance

When looking at the different types of options, you need to decide on what specific features your company needs in a time and attendance system. Do you need the software to include a schedule management system? Would you like the software to set rules for scheduling staffers and include break times, holiday and overtime pay? 

Once you have decided on exactly what your company needs, you can more effectively search for what you are looking for. Time card software packages allow your company to track and evaluate the performance and work activities of your employee’s. Single software applications are usually used, and most are very user friendly. This option is convenient because everything you need to track and monitor is available on your computer. All your employees need are ID cards to log in and out of work. These time clocks look very similar to credit card machines, and because the cards are small, employees can have the benefit of carrying their ID card in their wallet.;

Biometric time clocks are becoming more popular and it has been reported that one company has seen a savings of $300,000 in their first year of using this technology. Biometric time clocks work by scanning an employee’s hand or finger to accurately report punch ins and punch outs. Buddy punching occurs when one employee punches in and out on behalf of another employee. Biometric time clocks have eliminated this problem since everyone has different hand and finger prints. Since ID cards are not used, this system also eliminates the cost of printing and/or reprinting time cards.

Web-based computer log in stations are another route to consider. Most systems use a static IP address that you specify to monitor employees punching in and out. If your company doesn’t have a static IP address, you can still use this technology by using an administrator log in. This log in would be on every work computer, and each person would be tracked by their own code, and wouldn’t be able to use their computer until they have logged in.

If you have many employees who will be working in the field or at remote office locations, an IVR system is worth looking into. This application works by using a land line or cell phone. Employees can clock in and out by telephone, submit time sheets and transfer labor hours in real time.

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