Time and Attendance Costs

When it comes to planning out your budget for your time and attendance system, you will be glad to hear it might not cost an arm and a leg. The decision really depends on you and how much money you want to invest in this project. If you want all the “bells and whistles” you might be paying more.

According to toptenreviews.com, the top ten time card software systems range anywhere from $29.95-$249.00. This range is the starting cost for each system as well. Take into count the size of your company, the smaller your company, the less money you will probably spend. The fewer employees you have, the more likely you probably won’t need intricate time and attendance systems. The more employees you have, the more complicated it can get to track the time of each employee, and more intricate systems might be needed.

Biometric clock systems are a bit more of an investment, but as stated earlier, can save more money in the long run. Price ranges can start around the $115 mark and go way above $1,000. It all depends on what your company will need, and how large your company is.

If you need something quick and cost effective, web-based computer time and attendance programs might be your best bet. Some companies can get you started for as low $2.00 a month, and there is no software to purchase. IVR systems are also very cost effective. Legiant offers an IVR attendance system for $1.50 per employee.

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