Trade Show Display Booth Options

Trade show displays can range from elaborate creations with lighting changes, music, and computer display screens to simple tabletop displays that feature product descriptions.  The type of display you choose will have a lot to do with the industry you’re in and the types of trade shows you attend.  The bigger your company, the more “flash” people will expect from your display.  Smaller companies can also make big statements by choosing custom options that highlight unique products and services.  You can also tie your trade show display to prior marketing efforts, incorporating elements of past direct mail campaigns or email promotions.  Here are the basic types of booth displays available:

Pre-Fabricated Display Booths
The most common type of trade show display is one where the component parts or foundations are produced in bulk.  Panel, Pop-up, and Truss displays are all designed to work with printed banners or murals.  Panel displays are similar to cubicle walls- they can be configured in almost any shape, according to your specifications.  Pop-up displays have curved walls- the custom graphics or printed banners attach at points along the foundation, making the display easy to set up and take down.  Both Panel and Pop-up displays travel well, and are fairly cost effective- you can often purchase the entire display for under $10,000.

Truss displays allow for a larger display area and a more dynamic presentation.  Truss displays can accommodate more square footage of banner art or printed material, and are usually sold as specific configurations depending on size needs- most cost between $15,000 and $20,000, though costs can vary depending on whether you customize the display or purchase refurbished display components.

Banner Displays are the simplest form of trade show display.  Most banners are mounted on some type of stand- either mounted to the floor or a presentation table.  You can purchase stands from a display company and have the actual artwork printed yourself, using a printing services company, usually for a few thousand dollars.

Semi-Custom Displays
Semi-custom displays use basic pre-fabricated display elements as a base, adding on elements like lighting displays, custom printing, or ceiling-mounted banners to stand out from the crowd.  Semi custom displays can cost as much as custom displays in many cases- expect to pay at least $10,000 or more, depending on your specific requirements.

Custom Booth Design

Custom designs aren’t just for huge companies or those attending marquee trade shows. A customer trade show booth can highlight the unique aspects of your company.  For example, display fabricators can make a replica of an unusually shaped bottle for an energy drink company, or shape a booth to look like a skate ramp for a skateboard manufacturer.  Custom displays don’t come cheap.  If you design the display yourself, and require highly customized fabrication, expect to pay anywhere from $20,000 or more- sometimes into the hundreds of thousands for displays with moving parts or computer display monitors.

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