Buyer Guide to Video Surveillance

The term video surveillance includes a complex variety of equipment including cameras, storage, video surveillance software and other miscellaneous hardware. Traditionally video surveillance systems ran on analog systems, but many have now transitioned to IP technology. The video surveillance industry is rapidly evolving; equipment and features are getting cheaper and more advanced. High definition cameras with virtually limitless storage are maturing, and many homes and businesses alike are adopting the technology. According to ABI Research, “the firm forecasts tremendous growth in cameras in 2011-2013. Also, there is an 8-10 year replacement cycle for analog cameras, and many will be reaching their retirement dates soon. “High-definition systems are growing in popularity,” says Shey. “Buyers understand the HD concept because they’re buying it for home use. HD also provides better visual material for software analysis.”

In addition to the technological advancement of security camera systems, many systems are now able to cover a further distance, lowering costs on the total number of cameras needed to cover an area. However still, depending on your needs, you will likely need a multi-camera system to protect your business. Video surveillance is generally advisable if you are trying to prevent theft and protect employees. Visible security systems will discourage theft, increase productivity through employee monitoring, allow supervision of cash drawers, and keep you compliant with insurance requirements.

There a myriad of different security options available to comfort you in knowing that your home or business is safe. Interior video surveillance systems will work to monitor the daily activities and provide visible evidence in the case of suspected theft. Exterior cameras both monitor and alert potential burglars from unauthorized entry. Video surveillance purchasing decisions are largely driven by your basic needs. This Buyer Guide will work to inform you on the basics of video surveillance, average pricing and help focus your needs for purchasing a video surveillance system.

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