Home Security System Prices and ROI

The price of your home or business security system is based on the quality and quantity of cameras, DVR storage, and additional features.

Typically, the cameras are one of the least expensive features of your video surveillance system. Analog cameras run around $300-$500, where IP cameras will typically cost $600-$1,500. Additional features will cost you a bit more. A few features available to you are variable focal lenses which allow you to zoom in when necessary, high resolutions are great for being able to see detail, and infrared technology allows you to capture footage at night.

Storage and recording devices will cost you a bit more. DVRs typically start at around $500 and can run upwards of $2,000 depending on how many inputs you service. Single channel camera systems are the least expensive solution. IP technology advocates boast at their cameras capabilities to record video without a DVR. IP cameras may be able to provide significant cost savings for your company if you need a large number of cameras. According to an Axis Communications study, “The benefits of modern IP technology become evident when looking at the full system solution, including cameras, recording, storage and installation,” says Bodil Sonesson Gallon, Vice President, Global Sales at Axis. “A similar study from 2007 showed that an IP-based surveillance system was more cost-efficient in installations where the number of cameras exceeded 32. We now see that the IP cost advantage is valid also for systems with lower number of cameras.”

The industry is fragmented, some resources may promise a cheaper total cost with analog and DVR solution, where others will insist that IP cameras are much cheaper. Basically, if you have additional bandwidth and can suffice to dedicate 1.5-3 mbps to your camera system you may find significant cost savings with IP cameras. However, analog cameras are still the most common package and the majority of the price quotes you receive will include analog systems. A baseline price for a 1 camera analog system is $1,200 where IP camera system of the same features runs around $2,000.

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