Tips for Video Security

Look For a Vendor with Experience
A vendor with direct experience in your industry will give you an indicator of how the reliable they are. If you operate a large warehouse and are dealing with a vendor who only has experience in small home video surveillance systems, they may not be able to offer scalable solutions for your business. You will be able to get a feel for how they will provide support. Remember, if you aren’t close to your vendor’s office, you may have to hire 3rd party technicians to repair your equipment.

Get Valuable References
Getting references from your vendor is important. You will be able to get a baseline for a vendor’s service, pricing and overall customer satisfaction.

Know Exactly What You Need
Map out areas that you are looking to capture footage, how many surveillance cameras will be need, and your budget. This will help the vendor tailor their offerings to your needs

Signs Are Great
Visible signage lets patrons know that they are being recorded. This can help with both deterring theft and informing employees of your surveillance policy.

Do You Really Need it?
Video surveillance systems are great but they are a big investment. If you are having a one time problem of night time loitering, consider a part time security guard or an area light.

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