Buyer Guide to Web Conferencing

Web conferencing technology is an innovative advancement allowing people to communicate and conference over the Internet. Popular for anyone from individuals to large corporations, web conferencing allows people from all over the world to connect with one another. According to Wainhouse Research, almost two thirds of respondents (63%) typically attend between 1 to 5 web conferencing meetings or events monthly. Typical uses of the technology are with webinars, business conferences, and online slide shows.

A completely scalable solution for businesses, web conferencing tools can be as simple as a PowerPoint presentation or as comprehensive as full voice and video integration. Commonly, an admin will set up a meeting and host the meeting on his/her platform. Users will then login to the admin system and be given an access code which opens the ability for them to communicate with the host and potentially others in the web conference.

Web conferencing has grown in popularity as of late because businesses, especially global businesses, understand how expensive physical meetings are. Wainhouse Research believes, “the opportunity cost of not being able to maximize the use of web conferencing in an organization may well represent the single largest unrealized combination of cost savings and benefit delivery.” There is no questioning the fact, web conferencing solutions provide a wide range of benefits for your business conferences, but adoption of solutions are often daunting. Business owners are flooded with information about expensive features and hard to install products, but your web conferencing purchase doesn’t have to be difficult. Understanding what to look for before a web conference purchase will guarantee your businesses conferences are more productive and your employees are able to focus on the task at hand.

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