Hosted vs. In-House Web Conferencing

A major decision with your web conferencing solution purchase is whether you are looking for premise (in-house) or hosted ASP solutions. Both have their own unique benefits based on your web conferencing needs.

Keeping your web conferencing solution in-house has a few key advantages over hosting. The first is, in-house services give your business more control and customization options. According to a study by Wainhouse Research, when asked why companies run in-house web conferencing solutions, 71.6% said because of “control,” and 70.2% said “security.” If you have IT professional, you will be able to manage web conferencing server, software, and hardware internally, ultimately more work but potentially less cost. Your IT professional is able to customize your portal to brand its web conferencing and video conferencing. In addition to this it may be novel to integrate email, voicemail and countless other business applications in to one core offering with VoIP unified communications.

Your business may also be able to achieve a faster ROI because you are able to budget your total costs over a length of time, rather than paying monthly. According to a Collaborative Strategies study, the premise based (in-house) web conferencing model has a faster cash recovery period and a superior ROI over a three year period. The premise based solution returned an impressive 1427% ROI by year three.

Hosted solutions are initially more cost effective solutions that can grow with your business. When Wainhouse Research asked why companies run hosted ASP solutions, 67.7% said because it is “cost effective,” and 53.8% attribute the adoption to its “reliability.” Generally speaking, hosted solutions protect you from paying high upfront equipment costs because you are paying for monthly services. The hosted solutions are generally more flexible and offer a wider range of features because the software is purchased by an industry leading host.

If your business doesn’t have advanced IT resources, a hosted solution may be more feasible as moving to a cloud eliminates maintenance management work. After learning what solution your business needs, you should assess web conferencing price quotes to budget your investment.

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