Prices of Web Conferencing Solutions

Hosted and in-house use various pricing models. Depending on the scale of your operations and your current staffing you will choose between hosted and in-house solutions.

Hosted solutions are typically billed on pay-per-minute, monthly seat basis, or a combination of them all. It’s hard to put a figure on each solution but the average will give you a basis, not a benchmark for your companies hosted web conferencing purchase decision. If you are being billed on a per minute basis, rates hover around $.35 a minute. Monthly rates range from $50- 150 per month depending the number of seats you are conferencing with. A study done by Colaborative Strategies, found that pricing per minute eclipsed a per month payment model in terms of ROI, after 1 month in most cases. There also is an often a service charge for companies that go over their minutes or seat allotment.

When assessing price quotes from web conference vendors looking to provide in-house solutions, keep in mind the high initial cost isn’t reoccurring. Typical in-house solutions software licenses and all, cost upwards of $5,500.  Each additional software license you need will add additional costs but for a 15 person web conferencing solution, keep your budget around $5,000-$7,500. In addition to this, budget for IT support, maintenance, and annual fees. Annual fees of in-house web conferencing solutions run around 15% of the purchase price annually. If you integrating your in-house web conferencing solution in to a unified communications package which includes integrated VoIP telephony, email and text communications services it will cost you a bit extra up front as well.

When assessing price quotes from web conferencing vendors, make sure price is not backbone of your purchase decision.

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