Questions to Ask Web Conferencing Companies

Before you jump in and select your next web conferencing platform, here are some smart questions to ask about your software of choice.

1) Is this going to work effectively everywhere I need it to? If you have people all over the world, working with a variety of computers, operating systems and browsers, it would be wise to make sure that your web conferencing software works well with all of them.

2) How many people can conference in at one time? If you hold major events using web conferencing, it is a good idea to know how many people the system can handle at one time.

3) Can I save my conferencing for distribution and later viewing? Although it is standard with most major web conferencing systems, you want to make sure that you can save the event and send it to those who were unable to attend (or use it for future reference).

4) Is there quick access to customer support? If you have a technical issue with your web conferencing software or platform, chances are it is going to occur at the worst possible time. Make sure the software has a smart, accessible customer support team that be contacted quickly when you need them most.

5) How good are the "bells and whistles?" Certain web conferencing platforms come loaded with all kinds of cool multimedia add-ons and functionality. But they may also come at a price. Do your homework and find the web conferencing software that meet all your needs - and makes the best impression from a technology standpoint.

6) Do I have a good feel for the software? Before you actually host your first web conference, you need to make absolute sure that you are comfortable with all the functionality of the software. DURING your conference is NOT a good time to learn how everything works. Take a trial of the software, and give it a spin internally before your first big performance!

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