Web Conferencing Features

There are a myriad of applications available with web conferencing tools. Some of these features are standard on all web conferencing solutions where others only will include basic VoIP and slide show technology. Look for these features when speaking with web conferencing companies.

VoIP- Almost all web conferencing hardware implements some form of VoIP, which provides real time audio and video through broadband network.

Streaming Video - Webcam video which is pushed through an Internet network to a specific audience. This is important because your audience is able to access your content easier. Streaming video is a much more popular option and it eliminates the lengthy download process.

Slide Show Presentations- Pictures or documents presented to an audience in conjunction with a pointer and voice technology. Slide shows have become intuitive tools for getting information across web conferencing in a “story-like” manner. You should try to keep your slide show to Microsoft Office so it can be widely adopted without screen resolution or animation problems.

Screen, Application & Document Sharing- participants are given the ability to view the screen of a host. Some application sharing programs allow users to click programs and manipulate the host screen. This feature can also include document sharing which is important for web conferences because it gives your audience easier, hands on access to your material. 

Recording- Extends the life of your meeting or event by archiving it for future viewing. Make sure your recording tool either compresses or records at a reasonable screen resolution. It doesn’t make sense to make users sit through a download for 10 minutes if you don’t have to.

Chat- Gives you the ability to send messages of text to individuals during the meeting. Many vendors offer a feature to privatize or make public your chat messages to one another.

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