Web Conferencing Terms

Application Sharing A feature allowing two or more people to collaboratively use the same applications on a remote system. 


The term for working with others simultaneously to view or modify documents or applications.
Document Sharing Similar to collaboration, but it allows a participant to view and edit one document collaboratively in a remote location.
Ad-Hoc Meeting A meeting that isn’t planned, setup “on-the-go.”
Annotation Tools

Tools that allow a host to draw, annotate, highlight or point at certain areas on a shared screen.

An application that is fairly common in web conferencing solutions for taking consumer insights and taking consensus.
Video Conferencing The use of video cameras in two or more locations that often requires similar video conferencing equipment to function. (differs from web conferencing)
Webcasting The widespread broadcast of video and audio over the Internet. These can be private or public, and are typically one way broadcasts that can be Live or recorded.

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