Web Hosting Benefits by the Numbers

For companies in the U.S. who need and want a presence on the Internet, there are a number of benefits to web hosting, most importantly of which is getting your business name out there for the public to see.

It should probably not come as a surprise that the U.S. leads the world in web hosting companies, with some 23,600 based nationwide as of May 2010. Canada was the second largest with 2,725 companies as of the same date, according to Intac.net.

According to a survey from netcraft.com (June 2011), (responses from 346,004,403 sites), Apache was the only major web server software to increase hostnames that month, with growth of 21M and nearly 2.2 percentage points of market share. The largest growth was seen at OVH, which gained more than 8.6M Apache hostnames. Large growth was also witnessed at Softlayer (5.6M), AmeriNOC (2.5M) and Hanaro Telecom (1.3M).

Among the other server vendors, Microsoft saw the largest decrease with 1.4M fewer hostnames than in May. Most of this loss was due to VPLS losing approximately 1.5M hostnames. Elsewhere, nginx lost 1.2M hostnames, spread throughout a large number of hosting companies, while the largest loss was at Ecatel, which saw a decrease of approximately 700k hostnames. Finally, Google experienced the smallest loss in June with 262k fewer hostnames than the prior month.

With a web hosting provider for your business, you can create a site and establish your spot on the web with features including a large amount of bandwidth (the amount of traffic allowed to visit a Website) and storage, a sizeable number of email accounts and free site builders, and programming scripts and software to add to your functionality with web forms, blogs, forums and more.

For business owners who may be new to web hosting, service software can provide value relating to inventory management, merchant services, marketing, payroll management and more. A web hosting provider can also assist business owners with things like the management of the application’s hardware and software make up, networking matters, and management of data centers that deliver an application. Hosted software can be easily utilized from any web browser, be it Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft. The entire software a business obtains with its hosting plan is oftentimes updated to make sure its functionality is up to speed.

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