Web Hosting Naming

After reviewing all the information on how to locate a web hosting provider, how much to pay for it, and how to change it if need be, here’s a simple question – did you pick out a name for your domain? While the name may have been the last thing on your mind, it is an important component of the web hosting process. Remember that you need a name that customers find easy to remember and can associate to your company.

Secondly, more and more names disappear on a daily basis, so you may need some time in finding an available domain name that will stick with your business. When searching for a domain name, find something that is short, easy to remember and offers keywords detailing your company. It is also good to personalize your name by your geography, thereby avoiding any confusion should two companies in different parts of the country have similar names.

In the event the most common extension (.com) is taken, try tags for your business like .biz, .org, .net. According to the Domain Tools Web site, as of June 2010 there were 119,974,427 registered domain names, of which 54,641,322 are located in the United States.

Lastly, remember that there are expiration dates when it comes to domain names so make sure you have automatic renewal with your domain and get first dibs. Businesses large and small need to remember that domain registrations last for as long as the registrant, or account holder, pays for them. Domain registrations are sold in one-year increments, with the majority of domain registrars permitting users to register a domain from one year to 10 years at a time.

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