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All business owners want to save money while getting a strong return on investment (ROI), so what they pay for web hosting is obviously of great importance. As you might imagine, there is a large number of web hosting packages on the market, so how do you go about choosing the right one at the right price, especially when you need a host to make your ecommerce traffic move reliably?

If you’re looking to save money, discount web hosting is a popular choice, with most plans costing you anywhere from $5 to $10 monthly. In the event you’re looking to spend a little extra and get a little more in return, take a look at both Windows and Linux hosting plans that offer additional support at a similar cost. Either of these is likely to run you from $10 to $15 a month in their basic formats, then going up in price if you want added bandwidth, space etc. Keep in mind that unlimited bandwidth and other unlimited add-ons typically involve conditions, so read the fine print.

In the event your company’s site is consistently slow and busy, then it definitely can benefit from having more bandwidth. There is also a chance your web host does not have enough redundant bandwidth to deal with normal demand; the direct solution is to seek a bandwidth capacity upgrade. For companies that need much greater bandwidth than smaller businesses, there are options.

Larger businesses require the resources of large, multi-location Web hosts to keep their EAs (enterprise architectures) running efficiently. An enterprise is generally dispersed geographically, and it may well insist on portions of its Web business physically situated near the corresponding areas of its bricks-and-mortar business. That’s one reason such companies should select a large Web host with numerous data centers.

Customer service is also a factor when larger enterprises select bigger Web hosts. Given their numerous Web operations, enterprises will of course have myriad of questions and technical support needs. A Web host with a large customer service department is better equipped to deal with the volume and sophistication of a larger enterprise’s customer service requirements. Also, give careful thought to using a free web hosting site. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Free web hosting sites can appear and disappear quite quickly. They also have to make money like the next guy, so they will oftentimes place advertising spots on your site, including pop-ups and ads that you have no control over when it comes to the message. The negative here is that you could turn off some visitors, so think clearly before choosing such a site.

Lastly, they have the final say in what you’re permitted to host, so be careful, especially if you want to put stuff up for sale or place media files on the site.


Price per Month

Support Services





Unlimited hosting, bandwidth, email accts., SQL Databases, Websites

 45-day guarantee

Offers on-site technicians in the event of problems.


 $4.99 *

Unlimited bandwidth, 10 GB, 100 email accts., 10 MYSQL Databases (1 GB each)

99.9 % uptime guarantee

Prime player, if you want name recognition, this is the one to go with.

 Host Monster.com


Unlimited bandwidth, space, domains,  no outsourcing

Anytime money back guarantee

This company is 100 percent U.S.- based support.



Unlimited domain hosting, email accts., free site builder w/templates, $75 free Google credit

99.9 % uptime guarantee

Claims to have more than 20,000 new customers per month.



Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, free site builder,

45-day money back guarantee

Available tech support 365 days a year.

·         Starting prices

Editor’s Note: Here are 5 random web hosting sites from the countless ones available. Resource Nation does not endorse any of them, nor does it do trade with any.

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