Web Hosting Terms

Active Server Pages (ASP) - Active Server Pages permit web developers to make their sites stand out with database driven content. The code is typically written in VB Script, and it is produced on the server of the website instead of the browser of your Website visitors. The server views the ASP code, and then translates it to HTML.

Audio Streaming - The process by which you provide audio content for a Website. This will encompass up a large amount of bandwidth, especially when there is a large amount of site visitors. Some hosts will not permit audio or video streaming due to this.

Auto Responder - An automated program that acknowledges receiving an e-mail message, and then sends back a prior prepared email to the sender, alerting them it was received. Once you configure the auto responder, it sends e-mail with no further action needed on your part, making your Website interactive 24 hours a day. Many hosting companies allow you to set this up via their control panel.

Browser - This client software displays (interprets) the HTML code it obtains from the server. All browsers work a tad different and one may not display the pages properly if the code was made specifically for another browser.

Chat Server / Software - Some hosting companies permit you to form a chat room or other type of chat service for visitors. Some servers allow you to configure the service, and others pre-configure it all for you while others do not permit chat rooms whatsoever.

Control Panel - An online package of tools allowing simple site management and editing. Most hosting companies offer this option. When you have your own control panel, you can maintain basic details regarding your site, mail boxes, etc. without having to send emails to the host or contact them via phone.

Credit Card Billing - A merchant account allows your business to accept credit cards as payment for the company's goods and services. It provides your customers with a popular payment option other than cash and checks. This will typically be done through a third party provider.

Diskspace - This is the amount of disk space that is available to you on the host’s server to hold your Website files. Given that HTML files are typically minimal, a website (minus major graphics or database functionality) will be small, as low as 1 or 2 MB oftentimes. You can use windows explorer to determine the total MB of your site while it remains on your development machine. You then may want to double your sites present size so there is room to expand (include full graphic files MB).

Domain Parking - Many hosts allow users to 'park' their domain name minus having the Website up and running. Do this if you want to purchase a domain name for your Website long before having the website itself designed and constructed.

IP Address - A unique number used to identify hosts and networks. Internet Protocol (IP) numbers are used for identifying machines tied to the Internet. Each machine that is on the Internet has a unique IP number. The majority of machines also have one or more Domain Names that are easier for individuals to remember.

Mailing List Software - A mailing list is a discussion group focused on the e-mail system. Even if you don't plan on hosting a discussion group, you can use a mailing-list program to pass out a newsletter. Many companies have mailing-list software available for their clients to use -- if so, ask whether there's an additional cost, how many mailing lists you are allowed to have, and how many members per list

SMTP - The focused protocol used to transmit electronic mail on the Internet. The majority of Internet email is passed and received using SMTP. SMTP involves a set of rules for how a program sending mail and a program obtaining mail should interact.

Shopping Cart Software - Software program serving as a "virtual store front.” Such software generally permits a website user to create and manage a virtual shopping cart to which items can be added or removed. Once a customer wants to "check out," the same Shopping Cart Software generally includes interfaces to permit customers to pay with their credit card right on the site. Shopping Cart Software is important for those websites wanting to sell products and services right over the Internet minus human intervention.

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