Buyers Guide to Health Insurance


As more and more small businesses look to cut expenses, it is not uncommon for a large number of them to be passing along more of the medical health insurance expenses to their employees.
For a couple of decades now, small businesses have ranked the expense of health care insurance as the number one problem they’re facing. According to a National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) report, more than 56 percent of business owners say the cost of health insurance is a “critical problem.”
That problem is being transferred to employees in a variety of fields, who in turn are now faced with paying more for medical, dental or eye care, or cutting back on their coverage needs.
Among the biggest factors in the rising costs has been the fact that prescription drugs keep escalating in price, managed care programs have not provided the forecasted savings, and new medical technologies that improve patient care also prove very expensive. In this buyer’s guide, we will look at health insurance terms, the benefits to a good health insurance plan, the types of plans available, and the factors involved in decreasing costs for health insurance.

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