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In order to find the IT training you want, you must first have a sense of what IT certification you hope to obtain. In other words, what certification will best fit your company’s needs? There are many different IT Certifications that you or your employee can obtain. Your company’s needs will determine which exact IT certification is worth pursuing before you can begin your IT Certification Training. The easiest way to make this decision is to look at your company and see what network or server they use most and obtain that specific certification. Even still, it helps to know what certifications are out there.

In some cases, for example Microsoft or Novell Certifications, there are tests in which you can take in order to obtain higher and more specialized skills. Some of the most popular and most in-demand certifications according Rave Uno, writer of “Best IT Certifications for 2011” include: 
  • Microsoft – There are 20 different specializations in Microsoft. With this certification, a person has a choice to move on to another level of testing and get further certified for a specific job role.
  • Oracle – This training and certification demonstrates expertise in one of the most advanced database management systems around: Oracle 11g.
  • Cisco – Great for networking skills and subjects such as security, installation, and design. One of the best certifications in terms of opportunity and relevance.
  • Novell – This certification demonstrates a person’s ability to understand how the Novell system works as well as their ability to navigation workstations that use Novell intranet (private computer network).
  • Project Management –illustrates that a person knows how to handle projects at an executive level. This includes proof that the person can work within a financial plan, a time limit, and has the skills of any IT proficient candidate.
Tip to remember: Despite your company using a different server (for example, Microsoft), your company could still use different intranets!


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