Choosing Cubicle Types

If your business requires cubicles, you have a large selection of types and configurations. The first step is deciding how high you want your cubicle walls to be for your employees. This varies depending on the business, but more modern trends show businesses leaning toward the shorter cubicle walls to help employees feel less secluded. Many companies are also finding themselves buying different types and heights of cubicle walls for different departments. For example, your accounting department may need more privacy and prefer to work alone, while your creative or customer service department may do more frequent collaboration; therefore needing shorter cubicles.

After deciding what type of environment works best for your business, you can decide the exact height and configuration and get ready to purchase. Cubicle walls can be found at varying heights, but are most often sold at either:
39” high panels – provide a more open office environment that allows for more communication between employees working in cubicles
54” high panels – provide more privacy for employees who are sitting down, but allows for employees to stand up and converse when needed
67” high panels – provide privacy for any employees even when they are standing up.
Cubicle Configuration
When deciding what type of cubicle to buy you may also want to consider the configuration of your space and how you want your cubicles set up. For example, if you are setting up your cubicles in the center of a room, you may want to consider a pod shaped layout, then consider what size cubicle walls will look the best in your office. After all, the look of business office furniture is half the battle.
Choosing Colors
Lastly, you want to be sure that your office is welcoming, and a great way to do that is by choosing the right colors. Depending on the type of business you are running, many different colors may be appropriate; however it is generally safe to stick with one color pallet at a time. While in the past cubicles have been grey or brown, modern designers have started making available different colors for office cubicle walls. Choose a tone that you like, find matching colors from there, and enjoy your chic new office!


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