New Vs. Used Office Furniture

With any type of furniture, you first need to decide whether you want to buy used office furniture, or purchase new. As with any decision a business owner makes, there are advantages and disadvantages to both choices.

The chart below lists both so that you can make the best decision for your unique business. Once you have decided which option works best for you, check out tips and examples.
·         On average 25-35% cheaper (
·         great way to “go green”
·         great for offices of 20 employees or less
·         great for buyers who expect to use the product for a maximum of 2-3 years (Schwartz 1)
·         smaller choice selection, may have to sacrifice color or a perfect size
·         warranties have often run out, so if there is a problem with the furniture or it breaks there is no money back guarantee
·         brokers are not always reliable, so it can feel like a gamble
·         there can be hidden damages
·         Big selection of different styles, sizes, colors, and the latest trends
·         Helps keep your office looking modern and relevant
·         Replacement parts can be purchased if needed
·         Great for buyers who expect to stay in the office space for at least 3 years
·         More expensive
·         Assembly often required
·         There may be delays between your purchase and the delivery
If used furniture fits your need…
When buying used furniture there are a few routes you can go—furniture dealers, used furniture brokers, or auctions.
  • Furniture Dealers—Furniture dealers often have the biggest selection of used furniture as well as many different resources to help you pick the furniture to best suit your needs. For example, a furniture dealer will often be able to produce plans to help you see exactly how what you are buying fits into your space. They are often established businesses that are able to show you a wide array of furniture depending on your price point. This is a great option for those who have the time to go out and shop for these used items and like face to face service. Although going through a dealer may be on the higher end of the financial scale, the customer service and the ease of picking out the furniture is a benefit worth consideration.
  • Furniture Brokers – Unlike dealers who have an established office, Brokers are generally one or two people who work exclusively to buy and sell furniture. Brokers often work in local area with no show room or office for a buyer to look at furniture; however, the furniture being sold by a Broker can often be seen online. According to John Schwartz, President of SAM CLAR Office Furniture, “Brokers will often sell inventories to dealers who then re-sell them to the general public.” Because of this, buying furniture from a Broker is usually cheaper than buying from a dealer.
  • Auctions – Auctions often hold some of the highest quality used furniture a buyer could find. However, the furniture sold at auctions is generally higher than furniture sold through a broker or a dealer. In addition, there is no return policy when something is purchased in an auction, which can be a big disadvantage if you are spending a lot of money on an item and it does not fit into your office. With auctions the buyer has to get lucky and keep checking and re-checking listings in order to get exactly what they want.
If new furniture fits your needs…

New furniture allows for a business owner to have complete control over everything that happens in the work place. If you are willing to spend the extra money, you can design your office exactly how you envisioned because there are so many different options and choices. Aside from only the look and feel of your office furniture, new furniture allows you to hand pick exactly what type works best for your employees. Because there are so many choices, you can customize your furniture for each employee to maximize comfort and thus improve productivity. With new furniture, you can stay with the trends and are able to get top-of-the-line furniture complete with any bell or whistle you desire. If you are willing to spend the extra money, new furniture can make your office look state of the art, and will welcome prospective employees as well as customers or clients.


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