E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful, but oftentimes underused, online marketing strategy.  Generally, a website will have an opt-in form, or a signup form, and interested parties can enter their details into the form to receive emails from the company pertaining to their interests.  Sole proprietors and large corporations alike use e mail marketing as a means to keep in touch with their customers and to increase their sales and leads.

Benefits of email marketing

  • Build relationships – In many cases, websites can be “cold” and one-dimensional, but an email marketing campaign can add personality and depth to your website or business. When you add the capability of personalization, such as is a common feature of email marketing services, you can build relationships with others in an automated fashion.
  • Provide information – One simple and effective way to keep your existing client base up-to-date, or even to provide follow-up information for potential clients, is through email campaigns.  This is much more cost-effective than other means of information sharing as you have the ability to automate the process and share information with thousands of people just as easily as you would share it with an individual.
  • Increase sales – A well-established statistic in the medium of email marketing is that a recipient will need to view an offer an average of seven times before deciding to make a purchase.  By capturing the email address of an interested individual and continually placing your offer in front of them, you are increasing the probability that an interested party will become a paying customer.

Differences between opt-in and double opt-in

Email marketing can be a valuable asset for business owners, and there are two main “opt-in” models for businesses to offer their subscribers - opt-in and double opt-in.

  • Opt-in subscribers, sometimes called “single opt-in”, are individuals who submit their email address to you thereby giving you permission to send them offers, more information and follow up emails.  This one-time process does not require any verification.
  • Double opt-in subscribers are individuals who submit their email address to you and then must confirm their identity by either clicking on a link or sending a confirmation email from the subscribed email address. 

Because the double opt-in method requires an additional step for subscribers, many business owners prefer to use the single opt-in method for their email blasts.  However, double opt-in provides protection for individuals from others adding the wrong email address into a submission form and it helps to protect business owners from false spam complaints.

Best practices for email marketing

In many ways, email marketing is very similar to direct mail - except the delivery costs are generally much lower, and your offer can be sent twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with nearly instantaneous delivery.

  • The headline is everything – If you fail to grab your readership’s attention, they will not open your message, therefore there is no way that they will respond to it.  Catchy headlines are the most important part of an email advertising.
  • Know your customer – Giving your subscribers the information that they are looking for will increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.  While this may seem like common sense, many businesses rely on a single email list or newsletter for all of their marketing campaigns.  If a business offers multiple products, multiple services or has information to share before and after a sale, the business should run marketing campaigns focused on each of these different areas.
  • Speak to your customer directly – While the greeting “Dear friend” is formal and proper in some circumstances, people respond better with personalized messages – one of the benefits of email direct marketing.

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