How Telemarketing Firms Work and Preparing Your Search

The goal of telemarketing is to find perspective customers and set up appointments or sell your products and services to them.  Typically, firms will purchase business leads from a broker or use previous customer and prospect lists to compile a database. If you do have software for your contacts, you want to be sure to find a telemarketing agency that can connect seamlessly and easily exchange data. To help manage the sales process, you should also consider setting up a real-time direct connection so you can dial in and hear the telemarketing service providers update in real-time.

Realistically estimate the type of volume you expect from the telemarketing agency upfront and hire a firm with the appropriate resources to meet your goals. If you require multiple telephone sales representatives (TSRs), make sure the firm has enough employees to dedicate to your needs. 

Telemarketing companies and sales lead providers often times specialize in multiple industries, which could limit their knowledge of your industry. Determine your company goals and requirements before you actively begin searching for a company to outsource and then hire a telemarketing center with experience in your particular industry.  You’ll find that some vendors do specialize in certain areas such as education, wireless technology and small business telemarketing.

Review the services the telemarketing company offers and compare with your own company needs. If you operate in multiple countries, hire a firm with multiple language support or 24/7 staffing. If your service and products are home-based, make sure the TSRs market to them on the weekends.

Last, make sure the telemarketing company has a list of references so you can talk to other companies that have utilized their services.

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