Major Obstacles With IT Consulting

Project Planning
One of the biggest issues with IT consulting, are business owners making strategic decisions with a lack of IT knowledge. If a business owner determines they want a comprehensive IT solution, but doesn’t allocate the budget, it may actually result in financial loss. Also, with IT consulting, the manager is often not held accountable for unfavorable decision making because he/she is distant from the project.

Business Process Design
The amount of effort put in to the design of the project is imperative. As changes happen within a business, there will be impact on business processes. Handling these changes and documenting them are important for scoping a potential project. According to The National Small Business Association 2010 Technology Survey, “One-quarter of respondents handle all tech issues for their company, and nearly half spend more than two hours per week resolving technology issues. Survey respondents cited security as their number one technology issue with cost coming in a close second.” Implementing business security systems are sometimes overlooked and forgotten, falling under more “profitable” business processes.

Management of the Project
A major reason for failure with IT consulting projects is the manager’s lack of vision and understanding of the processes, from an employee viewpoint. An employee who has vision and authority in a related field to information technology should drive the project. A decision maker will occasionally not be able to realize the necessary changes, whether it is regarding security, data, or applications, until they are obvious within the company. Big time decision makers may sometimes lack authority and knowledge on IT structure, according to George Colony, chief executive of analyst group Forrester, “only 16 percent of CEOs of the world's largest companies mention IT in their company annual reports.” The true powers of valuable IT consulting is still unknown to many of the most influential business leaders.

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