The Makeup of Web Design Services


Not too long ago, web design companies focused primarily on the aesthetic appearance of a website, though over the years this one-dimensional focus on the visual aspects of web design has taken on a new dynamic. Today, many companies offer all-in-one solutions for all of your ecommerce needs from site design to web hosting to programming and marketing. We will touch on a few of these areas later on, but first we want to go over what we consider the essential components of a web design service.

Web hosting

Web hosting is somewhat similar to renting a piece of property where you intend to build a house. Your website, then, would be the house on that property. Generally, web-hosting fees require payment on a monthly basis, though this largely depends on the company that is hosting your website for you. Some web design companies will include these fees in their quote, some will charge you additional fees for these services, and some companies do not offer hosting services meaning that you will have to seek out a web-hosting provider on your own.
Web hosting is an integral part of website design, as without it, there would be no place for your website to reside, thus potential website visitors would not ever be able to find you online.

Design and content – the “front-end” development

When you visit a website, you immediately notice the layout, text, images, graphics and sometimes a video or two – this refers to the “front-end” of a website. A website’s front-end is kind of like our skin, hair and the clothes that we wear – it is what others see when they are looking at us.
Front-end website development is an essential part of web page design services for obvious reasons – a website without front-end development is like a vehicle without a body; it really does not give you much to look at, or anywhere to sit, for that matter.

Programming or “back-end” development

Web programming, while not completely necessary for every type of website online, is a necessary part of so-called “interactive” or “dynamic” websites. If you intend to sell products or services from your website, allow users to submit information to you through your website or you need integration between a database and your website, you will need back-end website development.
Fortunately, many web site design companies offer programming services, especially those that offer custom ecommerce development. Something that you should know about in advance, however, is that programming services generally increase the overall costs of a website’s design several fold. While you may be able to have a simple, template-based website developed for a few hundred dollars, adding dynamic capabilities to that website will increase your investment by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


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