Ergonomic Vs. Standard Office Furniture

Ergonomic Furniture
Furniture and the set-up of work stations affect your employees’ mental attitude, but also their physical health. Injuries such as repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) carpal tunnel syndrome, joint swelling, or muscle strain are becoming increasingly common in the office space, and the lack of correct furniture is often to blame. These injuries are not only painful, but in the case of RSIs or carpal tunnel syndrome can be permanent. Ergonomic furniture is the direct response to these many office injuries that often occur when an employee is sitting at a desk for a good portion of that 40 hour work week. This furniture minimizes these injuries with simply technology and is quickly becoming one of the more popular choices in regards to office furniture. In fact, it is difficult to find office chairs that are not ergonomic.

Pricing and Functionality
Prices for ergonomic furniture vary from company to company, but generally ergonomic furniture is on the more expensive side of office furniture. However, most businesses agree that the extra cost is worth it if there are fewer injuries in the workplace.
Chairs – Ergonomic chairs offer features such as an adjustable seat, a backrest with enhanced and improved support, quality arm rests, and a comfortable seat with greater width and depth. These chairs run anywhere from $100 to $450 at Office Max depending on the size and swivel options of the chair.
Desks and workstations
– An ergonomic adjustable desk permits your employee to have a desk that allows their wrist to fall into a natural downward position as opposed to a strain upwards because a desk is too short. These desks vary considerably in price. Depending on the size requested, these desks could cost $200 or as much as $2500.
Ergonomic not for you? Standard Options
If you are not interested in ergonomic desks or workstations, it is likely you will find fixed desk heights between 28”-30” above the ground However, while this is a great height for your employees to write with a pen and paper, it is too high for computer keyboard and mouse work; therefore in order to prevent injuries in the workplace for your employees, you will need to purchase a mouse tray system beneath the work surface, which can often cost up to $100.


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