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Pay per click marketing is a popular and effective tool used by website owners, though generally run by a PPC management service, which allows businesses to advertise their services directly to targeted individuals. While other website marketing methods may take weeks or even months before the effects of the campaigns start to become visible, pay per click campaigns give website owners the ability to place an advertisement in front of a targeted audience within a matter of a few days, or sooner in some cases.

Pay per click advertising operates differently than other advertising solutions, namely, instead of paying a flat-fee for placement of an ad, or paying for an advertisement based on impressions, PPC costs accrue on a cost per click, or “CPC”, basis. The PPC rate is largely dependent on the popularity of a keyword and the industry that the keyword caters to. For instance, keywords targeting the auto insurance industry will inevitably cost more per click than keywords that target guitar players or florists.

Costs per click for PPC program can run from $0.01 per click to $10.00 or more per click, and this largely depends, again, on the industry and the popularity of the keywords that you are bidding on.

Benefits of using pay per click

  • Exceptional targeting ability – Most PPC networks, such as Google Adwords and MSN adCenter, allow pre-determined keywords that trigger the ads for display. By choosing keywords related to your industry, you are placing your ad only in front of a targeted audience.
  • Fast exposure – Most PPC campaigns can start within a matter of days, and advertisements “go live” instantly after approval in most cases.
  • Full Control – Unlike other online marketing strategies, a pay per click program can be modified and even shut down with the push of a button. Most pay per click networks offer geo-targeting and some even allow ads to run at certain times of the day.
  • Determine profitable keywords –By running a PPC campaign before launching a major SEM campaign, you can identify keywords that offer a positive ROI and keywords that do not convert, which will make any SEO and SEM efforts more effective.

Tips for running a PPC campaign

One thing to be aware of if you are considering using pay per click advertising yourself is that the costs of a campaign can add up very quickly depending on your budget, your settings, and the keywords that you choose. Pay per click management is available to help website owners maximize their potential without having to succumb to the high, and potentially costly, learning curve of using the pay per click advertising model.


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