Questions to Ask SEO Companies

Selecting an SEO provider is an important business decision. Here are some key questions to ask your potential SEO company.

What kind of results have they achieved?
Most importantly, you should ask to see some of the results the SEO provider has achieved with past clients. Good companies keep detailed records of past client performance and will share samples of their work with you as a reference (and proof that they are skilled SEO professionals).

Have they worked with anyone in your industry?
An SEO provider who has experience is your industry is a huge plus. They will already know many of the keywords that are popular with your target demographic, and have likely spent time studying the marketplace for potential opportunities.

What methods do the company use?
It is important to ask how, specifically, the SEO provider plans to get you improved results with the major search engines. While the majority of SEO companies use ethical, above-board methodologies, there are some companies who still use unpopular “black hand” methods to get results. Stay away from these companies! If Google or Yahoo! finds your site is not acting in a compliant manner, you will be black-balled and lose any chance of seeing results from this, or any future program.

Are there writers on staff or will you have to supply the content?
Many SEO providers have copywriters and content development specialists on hand to write search-friendly copy and articles for your site. This can be a major plus – because writing the materials yourself can take a great deal of time and effort.

Do they provide reporting, and if so, how much does it cost?
One of the keys to a successful SEO program is monitoring results and making the changes necessary to continually improve your standing with the search engines. Ask about the types of monthly reporting the SEO company provides, and what the cost will be for such services. Many SEO providers will ask you to sign a contract, in which you agree to a certain number of months of reporting services.

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