Questions to Ask Fulfillment Companies

Here are some questions you'll want to ask fulfillment companies when you compare. After you review the responses, you can prioritize which company best fits your needs.

1) What type of fulfillment services do you specialize in?

2) Where are you located? Headquarters and other facilities?

3) Which locations would you recommend using for my company?

4) What is your average turn around time for a product like mine?

5) What is an average shipping time for a product like mine?

6) Do you offer guarantees for your turn around time?

7) What is your policy if my product is damaged while you are handling it?

8) What if it is damaged during the shipping process?

9) Who will be my main contact if I become a customer? Where are they located?

10) What does a typical fee structure look like?

11) What is your minimum contract length?

12) What type of insurance do you carry and what does it cover in relation to my products?

13) What are your standard payment terms?

14) Who do you recommend shipping with?

15) What type of shipping discounts do you receive?

16) Do I pay your company for shipping or do I pay the shipping company directly?

17) What do you think is the most efficient way to package my product?

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