Quick VoIP Tips

Before you make the switch to a VoIP provider, evaluate your current system and make sure it is the right choice. Don’t simply switch because it is the latest technology.  If you’ve reached the conclusion that VoIP phone systems are the right choice for your business, here are some additional helpful VoIP tips to review:

  • Evaluate financial shortcuts carefully –While it may seem like a good idea to buy used, you may end up paying more to maintain and upgrade your hardware in the future.  With that said, there are always good deals to be found for the savvy shopper.

  • Research your vendor –Shop around to ensure that you get the best deal on the phone systems and services that are best suited for your business.  You may also want to contact other businesses that used the service provider you are considering to gain important insight you wouldn’t otherwise get from speaking directly with the vendor.  Also, find out what kind of service support the vendor provides, and make sure it matches your needs.

  • Make sure you get everything you need to run and maintain your system - Be sure to get all of the documentation regarding your VoIP systems.  Some vendors may only leave you with user guides and not properly walk you through installation, set up and administrative programs to help run your phone system properly. Take the time to walk through this step by step with our vendor and keep a document of all your passwords in one place for easy access.

  • Train your employees – Implementing a new phone system for your office means that you will have to train your employees how to properly use it.  Make sure everyone is aware of all VoIP features and knows how to use them to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Calling 911 – Speak with your VoIP service provider about your 911 calling options.  VoIP systems make is more difficult to call 911 because their location is tracked through an IP address, and because you might not necessarily be calling from where the IP address says you are located, emergency personnel could be sent to the wrong place.  A feature called Enhanced 911 (E 911) may be offered to you, which provides the emergency operator that receives your phone call with name, address, and phone number of the caller.

  • Softphones – You may want to consider having certain employees use softphones instead of desktop phones.  Softphones are essentially phones in computers, so good candidates for soft phone usage are employees that are technologically savvy, or those that usually work from a location outside of your office.

Choosing a VoIP solution for your office has many benefits.  Now that you know more about what VoIP is, and how is can benefit your office, you can decide whether switching to a VoIP phone system is right for you.  Click here to compare prices/features from several pre-screened VOIP Providers in your area.

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