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Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is an absolute necessity for any website that wants to benefit from natural (free) search engine traffic.  While search engine optimization and SEO services focus on the content, layout and structuring of a website to improve its favor with search engines, a search engine marketing firm focuses on the external aspects of improving a website’s rankings.

In general, many people mistakenly describe search engine marketing solely as link building, but the reality is that there is so much more to internet marketing strategy.  Not only can a search engine marketing firm help “build links” for your website, but this marketing strategy is also a major resource for website rankings improvement, branding and even reputation management. 

A single SEM campaign has the power to shape the type of visitors that find your website through search engines, increase the visibility of your website, and defend your brand name in one action.  Search engine marketing is the broad definition that represents a wide variety of marketing tactics that take place on third party websites.

Why SEM is necessary

Search engines today use a number of means to determine the ranking of a website for certain keywords, with on-page SEO being only a small portion of how a website ultimately ranks.  The difference between being found on the first page of a search engine’s results pages (SERP) and being found on page fifteen has everything to do with SEM and very little to do with the on-page elements of a website.

SEMs role as an online marketing strategy

The primary goal of SEM services is to increase the visibility of your website in a manner that also allows for improvement of your website’s search engine rankings at the same time.  This duality of purpose can help you to reach potential customers directly, wherever they are online, and to work to increase the number of people that find your website through search engines.

Whether you need online marketing services for your small business or large business, SEM is a major portion of any internet marketing campaign and a search engine marketing specialist is vital today.

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