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Search engine optimization, or commonly referred to as “SEO” and sometimes known as “on-page optimization”, is the foundation of a website’s “off-page” marketing strategies.  SEO deals explicitly with the on-page elements of a website to help it to rank higher in search engines.  Professional and affordable SEO services not only look at a web page’s title, content, and page names, but also the layout of a website and internal linking structure to help improve a website’s so-called “search engine friendliness”. 

Search engine optimization is as much an art as it is a tactic used to improve a website’s favor with search engines.  While most of the tools of the SEO trade are freely available for individuals and companies looking to try their hand at performing SEO for their business, online marketing courses and self-help guides are not able to provide the type of insight into the field that an established search engine optimization specialist possesses.  SEO is a learned skill, and there are aspects of it that require real-world application rather than a quick crash course in order to be effective at it.

Search engine optimization consulting services provide the type of personalized insight backed by experience that is needed by a company when the effectiveness of their marketing campaign matters.

Search Engine Optimization vs. Search Engine Marketing

Many times, website owners will confuse SEO and SEM because even though they work towards the same end result, they go about it in completely different ways.  SEO, or on-page optimization, relies on modifying elements on a website itself to help improve its rankings in search engines whereas SEM works through “off-page” elements, such as various forms of link building, to improve the rankings of a website. 

While a full-service interactive marketing agency offers SEO consulting and SEM campaign management, it is important to know when you are looking for an online marketing company that these two services are, in fact, opposite sides of the same coin, so to speak.

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