Should You Outsource Your Telemarketing

Here are some key questions to review while considering a telemarketing service:  

  • Can you provide a script for another company to talk intelligently to prospective customers?
  • Do you have resources to train and hire telemarketing service reps (TSR’s) and management staff?
  • Do you sell products internationally and need to market in multiple languages?

Some advantages to outsourcing your telemarketing services include a lower overhead expense because you will not have to purchase the telecommunications systems needed or add additional employees to your team. You and your team can also focus on other priorities applicable to your business and leave the telemarketing to the experts. Telemarketing agencies abide by with current laws and by hiring them, your company will not have to worry about these risks. Other advantages and reasons to work with a telemarketing firm include:

  • Ability to test: Telemarketing companies can easily test new sales programs and products to determine the success rate before launch.

  • Manage growth: For seasonal business or product launches, telemarketing firms can offer the resources needed for only short periods of time.

  • Special needs: Telemarketing companies work around the globe so if your business needs to reach out to potential customers in multiple languages and in multiple times zones, it is more time- and cost-efficient to hire an outside firm.

  • Leave it to the experts: Allow your staff to focus on the tasks they are experts in and trust the telemarketing firm to do what they do best. A telemarketing firm can research and create lists, draft scripts, manage campaign and track results easily without distracting your staff.

The disadvantage to hiring a telemarketing company is losing control over the sales process. Your company’s message must be simple enough for an outside firm to learn so it is extremely important to train and manage your firm correctly.

If you engage and manage your telemarketing firm, this is easily avoidable.

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