Social Media Marketing

Social media and social media services have gained in popularity, with explosive growth happening over the last couple of years.   Social media websites, such as,, and even offer individuals the ability to connect with friends and family, business associates and to make new friends and business connections that share the same interests.  These social networking websites have taken on several dynamics, allowing users to share comments, images, and video in an easy-to-use fashion –which, in certain industries, social marketing strategies can be a major source of traffic and revenue from these community-based gathering places.

The mix of marketing and social media services is an obvious concoction – socially minded mediums act as gathering places for likeminded individuals and so the potential of profitability through marketing using these venues increases exponentially.  A social marketing company can capitalize on the grouping of individuals and market their services, products, or website to people where they are online – which is just one method of targeted advertising.

How to use social media marketing effectively

Social media marketing is relatively simple in theory; though the complexities of executing wildly successful social-web marketing campaigns oftentimes require help from an established social marketing company.  In simple terms, effective social marketing campaigns revolve around giving users content that they can share with others. Whether it is a funny video, a “top 10” list, a controversial opinion, or even just a thoughtful image, viral marketing and “bait worthy” material is the most effective way to use social media to grab the attention of your audience.

Examples of social media websites

The social web is so ingrained into the very fibers of the internet nowadays that there is a social hub for just about any taste or flavor out there. Scrapbookers, skateboarders and hubs for mothers-to-be, there is a dedicated social spot on the web for just about any popular topic. Here are a few examples of social-networking/ social media websites:

  • Business-focused social networking websites including Facebook, Linked In and Ryze
  • Social sharing networks including blogs, forums and services like Twitter, Youtube and Myspace
  • User review websites such as Amazon, Google Local, Yelp and Kudzu

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