Step 5: Branding Your Business

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Creating a brand for your new business can be one of the most important things you do that can add lasting value. A strong brand adds a whole new dimension of value to your business. Generally speaking, people associate a strong brand with quality. When you go shopping at the grocery store you are more likely to purchase Coca Cola as opposed to the generic soda because of the brand name associated with Coca Cola. The same concept applies to just about every industry out there.

A brand is a collection of names, images, and ideas that personify your services, products, or business. Some of these items are your business name, logo, web site design, slogan…all of these contribute to establishing your brand. These should be a cohesive message aimed at creating customer loyalty. Ultimately you want your customers to prophesize your brand message to all of their friends and family.

Below are some of the main items associated with a business brand. All of these items should be approached with your target market in mind.

Name, Slogan, and Website Domain
Choose your company name carefully and strategically.

Business Logo and Image
Your business should have some sort of memorable logo; you want it to stick out in people’s minds.

Getting the right help
Don’t skimp when it comes to getting a good logo/website designed or when hiring someone to print your business cards. You don’t want your high school aged nephew to design the website that will represent the face of your business to customers. People expect to see professional work when they visit your site or when they see your business card, don’t turn them off immediately by having low-quality work. Hire a reputable designer; someone with experience and a portfolio of example work. There are lots of great companies out there who are very affordable. Talk with several different companies and individuals; look at their portfolios and compare prices/services. Be sure and convey to them exactly what you want; tell them if you don’t like the direction they’re taking you. Most of all, be sure and have a coordinated brand message aimed at your target market.

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