Telemarketing Pricing Structure

The costs to outsource a telemarketer depends on call volumes, type of telemarketing program, complexity of your telemarketing campaign and incremental services needed, TSR skill level and terms of your contract.

The pricing structure can work per call or per company fees. Some direct sales companies require a monthly minimum and commitment to begin work. Typically, these fees can range from $20 to $65 per hour or as low as $12 to 16 per hour if you use an offshore option. The hourly rate typically drops as you add additional people to the project, or increase the number of hours.

Some telemarketing services do not offer commission to employees and therefore charge a higher hourly rate for its services.

Additional Fees

When you factor in setup and training expenses, these fees can increase your bottom line by 20%. If you purchase a telemarketing list, expect to pay an average of $150 to $300 for each 1,000 names for general lists, and more for tailored lists. Reporting may also be incremental along with the setup costs to configure software, write and edit scripts and train the TSRs. Last, consider additional costs for any special requests.

Telemarketing contract agreements

Because call center fees and services vary greatly between telemarketing firms, contracts need to be specific and detail exactly what services will be provided and how the performance will be measured. You can also specify and apply penalties in each contract in case your telemarketing firm fails to meet your expectations.

Make sure all parties involved in your telemarketing campaign sign the agreement to protect your company.

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