Terms of the Trade

    • Analytics –Analytics are the study of statistics and behaviors by a certain group. In terms of online marketing, analytics allow the tracking of visitors’ habits, the referral URL, and the actions that the visitors take on a website.  This data is used to strengthen or modify existing marketing methods to improve the ROI for a website owner.

    • Conversion tracking – Conversion tracking is the process of analyzing which marketing methods and behaviors lead to a desired result, usually referring to what takes place to turn a website visitor into a sale or a lead for your business.

    • SEO – SEO is most commonly referred to as the acronym for search engine optimization, though it can mean search engine optimizer, depending on the context in which it’s used.  SEO is the purposeful effort of modifying your website to increase its rank in search engine indices.  Some companies also refer to SEO as “on-page” optimization.

    • SEM – SEM stands for search engine marketing, or any methods that you use off your website to improve your website’s ranking, such as through link building.  SEM is also called “off-page” optimization in some circles.

    • PPC – PPC, or Pay Per Click, is an advertising method that allows for quick and widespread exposure for your website that only costs money when a third party clicks on your advertisement.  PPC also offers a great deal of control over marketing campaigns, which makes it an attractive marketing method for many website owners.

    • CPC – CPC, or cost per click, is a term used with pay per click programs to determine the costs of each click on an advertisement.

    • Opt-in – Opt-in is a term related to the email marketing industry and is used when describing permission-based sending of messages. 

    • Keywords – Keywords, also called “keyphrases” and “keyword phrases” are the words used to attract visitors to your website through natural search engine listings.

    • SERP – SERP stands for search engine results pages and is the page displayed when somebody searches for a keyword in a search engine.

    • Social Media – Social media is a platform that allows for the congregation and the sharing of information amongst individuals.

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