Tips for Telemarketing Victory

After you chose the right telemarketing company for your business, establish objectives and set up the foundation for your telemarketing and appointment setting campaign. Your success is dependent on various factors.

Phone script

Develop a calling script so your business’s key messages are consistent amongst each TSR. In your script, do not overcomplicate the message, but still keep it specific to your business and products. If you haven’t already, research your target audience to determine reader level, needs, wants and interests and tailor your script appropriately.

Phone guidelines

Work with the telemarketers to determine the time of day, number of calls, how to leave a message and when to follow up. Draft specific guidelines and include in your agreement for the telemarketing firm to follow.


Your best sales representatives should train and manage the TSRs in the beginning. By providing tools to the TSRs such as a document to evaluate criteria, key messages and checklist, the more likely they will succeed in selling your products and services. Telemarketing gurus will also know how to listen instead of talk and can provide valuable information to your company if trained correctly. Remember that your sales associates can listen in on the TSRs and help manage the process to eliminate any issues that arise. Anticipate questions from potential customers and provide TSRs with an answer document to help guide the sales cycle.


The quality of your database and list will determine how successful your campaign is. Providing a list from a company database in combination with a new purchased list based on target market preferences is the best combination.


Any outbound calling campaign takes time so it is important you allow at least several weeks before you see any results. During that time you can make modifications to the telemarketing campaign to improve the results. 


Telemarketing firms typically include reporting in their fees, but you’ll want to determine what statistics and reports are important to you and communicate these needs with the telemarketing agency up-front. Ifyou have the capability to analyze the data within your company, specify the data format preferred (e.g. Excel, Access, comma separated, etc.) with the TSRs.


Make sure the telemarketing or appointment setting firm complies with the National Do Not Call Registry and other quality control laws pertaining to solicitation.

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